Integrated Living, Inc. is very excited to announce our new Lifestyle Center! We now offer a wide variety of programs and activities for the elderly and children of all ages—to fit a number of different needs—at our brand new center.

All of our programs contribute to our specialized person-centered services. Some of which include water aerobics, and art and swim classes for those with developmental disabilities and autism. The new center also features a fully-stocked kitchen and fitness/recreational room.

This updated facility includes a computer and reading room to engage our persons served and help them to make new discoveries and learn, all while cultivating their growth. We also offer on-site massage and sensory therapy. At Integrated Living, we believe that these programs enable us to better serve all those under our specialized care.

Keeping your loved ones active and offering them a safe and relaxed environment stimulates mental and physical health. Our rehabilitation services at our new Lifestyle Center offers this and much more. We desire to go above and beyond the required standards, committing us to the highest levels of care in the industry.

Give us a call today to get our full schedule of events and to find out how your loved ones can become involved with Integrated Living.