We’ve Been Committed to Quality Care in Community Based Services Since 1992


Learn what clients and employees think about the way Integrated Living is changing people’s lives as one of Metro Detroit’s premier personal care providers.

Business Associate, Sterling Heights

“Everyone I’ve spoken to at Integrated has consistently been a pleasure to work with, which is a testament to the great team that you’ve built, and the positive work environment that all of you create together. I’m happy to support the work that your company does, and look forward to making 2017 a success.

School Supervisor, Special Education Services – Oakland County

“I am so happy with the work of the staff at Integrated Living and the services they provide to the young adults in their care. The leadership and the excellent staff in overseeing the needs of the clients is second to none. I have been associated with public schools and students with disabilities for over thirty years and I have never come across a company that is so caring and dedicated to the needs of their clients and families as Integrated Living. Many Companies talk a good game but Integrated Living delivers more than you ask or think is possible. It is a tremendous joy working with Karen Harris and her staff.”

Current Employee, Sterling Heights

“This position is very enjoyable due to the fact that I am able to organize my time in a way to make my job look easy and non stressful. I am able to teach my co-workers the team approach through gentle teaching techniques and how to be professional in all situations. Effective use of team morale boosting when situations are stressful and deadlines must be met.”